23" x 35"

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Product Overview

23" x 35" Zorbix Flat Sheets.

Zorbix is a superabsorbent sheet used for book and paper conservation. It has a two way application:

As an absorbent material, it soaks up 50 times its weight in water compared with blotter paper's 2 times absorption.

As a humidity device, Zorbix holds water moisture in gel form while the water can only be released as a vapor once absorbed by the chemistry. Water is wicked away from its surface, leaving the outer filter paper dry at the surface. The fact that there is no liquid present on its surface makes Zorbix the only humidification device that is its own vapor barrier.

These large sheets are designed for artwork and documents. There is no fold along one edge to supply the superabsorbent to the "spine" of the book. They have a 1/2" border on four sides.

Zorbix is reusable and has no expiration date.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review