Humidity Strips

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Humidity Strips - Assorted

Product Overview

Zorbix can be used to remove water from damp or wet books and documents. However, it also is an excellent humidification device that allows for accurate humidifcation while being its own moisture barrier.

By misting water onto the strip, an exact amount of moisture can be delivered to the piece requiring humidification. In instances where an item has a fold or crease, the area requiring humidifcation can be isolated and moisture delivered just to that site.

Zorbix absorbs 50 times its weight in water. This means that water will not wick within the sheet and gives you the control to put a line of water or a drop on the Zorbix and locate that over the damaged area. By varying the pressure and time allotted, you are able to deliver just enough moisture to relax the fibers without having to dry it after the humidification process.

A box of humidity strips contains:

6 – 1" squares

6 – 2" squares

4 – 3" squares
4 – .5" x 11" long strips.


These strips can be used repeatedly with no loss of efficacy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review